• Mecha Aatrox
    • Rumble
  • Nurse Akali
    • Amumu
    • Surgeon Shen
  • Emumu (old+new)
    • 'Death Cab for Corki Corki' for Death Cab for Cutie.
    • 'Cho'Gath Cho'Gath Eat World' for Jimmy Eat World (Riot later used the name for a flash mini-game.
    • Anivia 'Anivinescence' for Evanescence.
    • The sad-face poster parodies Nirvana's logo.
    • Tristana and Poppy's ghosts
  • Almost Prom King Amumu
    • Annie
  • Little Knight Amumu (China)
    • Warwick
    • Annie?
  • Surprise Party Amumu
    • Teemo, Rammus, Vel'koz, Poro

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